Pokemon Magikarp Jump – Learn the Gameplay and Important Tips to Progress

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Pokemon Magikarp Jump is an ultimate mobile game with over millions of players around the world. There are two major factors that make it more interesting and entertaining from other Pokemon games. The gameplay of Pokemon Magikarp Jump is amazing, and there are many things in it that make it far better than games. You can earn great rewards by completing the gameplay and tasks or use Pokemon Magikarp Jump Cheats to have great rewards.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump Gameplay

Simple train the Magikarp to enhance the heights of the jumps is the main process in the game. Training the Magikarp is the major task of the players in the game but apart from it, there are so many tasks to do. If you also want to earn lots of rewards, there are some tips that you can follow –

Participate in mini-tasks –

It is a small mission of game where players do not have to put lots of effort into completing. It provides the jump points, which are very important to enhance the jumps of Magikarp. There is always a record of the jump, and only you can break your record by increasing the Jump points.

Take help from Pikachu –

Pikachu can help so much in increasing the jump pints. Every time you touch the Pikachu, it will provide some extra jump pints, but it is in a limited amount. In order to get extra JP, you can also use Pokemon Magikarp Jump Cheats and easily increase as much you want.