Tips for Travel Photography

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Traveling is a hobby for many people while some like photography. There are other people too who like both traveling and photography. Clicking pictures are a great way to keep memories. There are different cultures, landscapes, and history in different locations and capturing them through photos would capture the essence of that particular place. But just picking up a camera and taking pictures won’t do. You need to know how to capture the true beauty of a particular subject. Travel photography is not easythe but a few tips could always make it a little easier. Here are some of the tips which you should follow for travel photography.

Wait for sunrise and sunset

To make your photography great, you need to have enough natural light. The morning light is considered to be the best for clicking soft and warm pictures. Waking up early will allow you to take such great photographs. Also, there are few tourists and distractions in the morning which will help you to take good photographs without any distraction. Apart from sunrise, the time for sunset is also good for capturing photos with good light. Because of this reason, the small period of time after sunrise and before sunset is known as the golden hours. Just after the sun is set, it is known as the blue hour because of the blue color of the sky despite the city lights being turned on. On the other hand, shooting photographs during noon time is considered to be the worst time for travel photography.

Experiment with composition

When you experiment, you will always come up with something different. It could be a better composition as well. Try taking pictures from different angles and different distances. Take a close up shot as well as a wide shot. Never be satisfied with your first shot. Look to take different shots from different perspectives. Try including backgrounds which have important elements. Another good tactic for taking good composition photos in travel photography is focal compression. Compression is the usage of the zoom lens to make the objects look closer than they actually are. This could bring in a different perspective to your picture.

Pre-Trip Scouting

Before you actually visit any location, read about the place in different travel guidebooks. You can search for articles on the internet and visit blog posts for photos. You can also talk to your friends or other photographers who have visited the place and ask them about the iconic locations. Once you are well informed about the different photo locations, you can do more research on them about the best time to visit the place for the best lighting conditions, the time for maximum traffic, the weather conditions and other queries regarding clicking the best pictures. Wandering around for traveling photography has its own perks but being well planned can also be helpful in saving time which you can use in capturing a better and pictures photograph of the iconic photo locations.


Keeping photographs helps to keep your memories about the places which you have visited. These tips will help to make your memories even better.